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Indiana Quilt Depot
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KONA "Color of the DAY" Sale Week of *-14 November 2021



For those of you who have not caught on yet, to celebrate our 4th Anniversary in business, we are having a KONA COLOR of the DAY on sale for the next 14 months (We may extend it IF it is well received).

The sale is based on the calendar KONA puts out each year (We still have a few 2022 calendars available). With the calendar, KONA has provided FREE QUILT PATTERNS that feature some of the colors of that month. We will be posting links for those patterns. We will also have hard copies of the patterns in the shop. While we cannot sell the patterns, you will be charge for copy expenses.

The sale will entail the KONA FEATURED COLOR of the DAY being on sale at $2.00/yard OFF our regular published price. Right now, our Regular Price is $8.95 @ yard. This means our sale price will be $6.95 @ yard. The sale will run from midnight to midnight the day of the sale. Some have ask about the plan for days the shop is closed (Sundays & Holidays). To make these colors available in the store, we will be extending the sale of those colors, in the store, through the day before and day after (on-line sales will be for the stated 24 hour period). For example, Sunday’s Color was Limestone SKU# KN478. As the Store was closed Yesterday, we offered, the color, IN STORE, Saturday and Today, Monday, the open days bracketing the day the store is closed.

There are a FEW rules to keep in mind governing this sale:

1) Prices stated are the CURRENT prices. We have been informed to expect “Significant Price Increases” after the first of the year. Our prices will be adjusted to reflect any such increase.

2) IF the COLOR of the DAY is out of stock, WE will honor the stated sale price on orders for the color made the day of the sale.

3) You will be required to pay full sale price for any order the day of the sale. There will be NO CANCELATIONS/REFUNDS on orders. We Commit to getting you the material as quickly as possible, but once we have made the order we are committed. We will be placing an order AT LEAST once a week. Generally, the Suppliers have orders on the way to us within 10 working days, but we can make no guarantees on availability in the warehouse. Patience will be required in some, HOPEFULLY VERY infrequent, cases.


Okay, I have not done the job of advertising/promoting this that I had hoped. In all honesty, it has been much more time consuming than I realized... We are working on it and making it a LOT smoother getting the information out there so you can take advantage of the sale. I am going to try and post a picture each week, showing the colors coming up on sale that week.

Please be patient, we are working to make this as sooth as possible and hopefully we will be improving as time goes on …. IF we receive enough interest we might start assembling QUILT KITS based on the month’s patterns. IF you have suggestions to make this promotion better, please let us know and we will give it DUE consideration….