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Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year! We are happy to see 2021 in the annual of history. For many of us 2021 was not the best year for a variety of reasons with COVID again being the big bear in the room. But, we survived and we are here in 2022. To all of you who supported us through the year, THANK YOU. All of us here at the IQD greatly appreciate your business and support as we strive to become more of the quilt shop YOU want and need.

In Spite of Covid, the shop made some great strides forward and we have even more planned in 2022. We hope that you will join us on the journey.

While 2021 was anything but normal, maybe we got a little closer.  To that end, we have made a few strides. We have started to hold classes again! We have started our “Sewing with Friends” open sews in the event center and we held two Husqvarna-Viking Events.    We will be expanding classes in the next year (IF you have suggestions or would like a particular topic/subject let us know). We have already scheduled Two Husqvarna Viking Educator Events for this year. We have a couple other ideas we are kicking around but, we have to see as there are many moving parts to organize guest instructors and events.

2021 saw Husqvarna-Viking introduce a Long Arm Quilting Machine in the line. We have had a few of these sold and the clients have great reports on them. To support this we now have a Long Arm Quilter set up in the Event Center. We have started to “certify” folks on the machine and we are renting out time. We have had a VERY Good response to this addition. IF we continue to have such continued interest, we will add another. While we continue to sell and fully support the Husqvarna Viking line, we have started promoting the Singe machines as well. 2021 saw Singer introduce a NEW line, only available through the dealers, which is a substantially better engineered and constructed machine than has been in the singer line for a LONG time. The Company has made a commitment to bring back quality and reliability to the band that has been absent for sometime. We know there are a number of new and improved machines and accessories coming for both brands so stay tune…

While on machines, we have had a number of machines traded in that will soon be available. These are good machines and we have some great prices. We have a number of Epics, a couple Diamonds, and a few Ruby’s in addition to some discontinued models. IF you know of someone who needs a machine, we have them STARTING at $100 and going up.

2021 saw us added a few new fabric lines and start to feature some Designer Collections. One of the new lines we have introduced is Liberty of London Fabrics. According to our rep, we are the only dealer in Southern Indiana. We have started to feature Lori Holt’s collections. We have brought in the Cookbook line which is the fabric used in her up coming sew along “Chicken Salad”. If you are interested, come in and check it out.

In addition to Lori Holt, we have brought the Northcott Stonehenge, “For the Brave” collection. This is a patriot collection commemorating Northcott’s 10 year association with the Quilts of Valor”. There will be a sew-along, starting in March, featuring this collection with monthly prizes throughout the year along with OTHER contests, so stay tune as more information is available.  Over the course of the year we will be acquiring the ENTIRE Stonehenge collection as a staple line.

For those with a more modern and brighter take on quilting and life, we have expanded or line of Tula Pink Fabrics.

There are some additional lines and collections but those will wait till we are better prepared to explain them. Suffice it to say, we are doing our best to provide the widest selection possible.

One of the things we are most excited about in this year is our inclusion in the Southern Indiana Shop Hop, which will be held the end of JUNE. The theme of this year’s shop hop will be “Shadows of Southern Indiana”. We are looking forward to working with the other nine shops to make this an enjoyable and successful for all concerned.  

Again, thank you to ALL of you who have help make 2021 a successful year in-spite of the Covid Challenges. We hope that it is a wonderful New Year for ALL of you. HOPEFULLY with a few less challenges…