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Indiana Quilt Depot
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NOT Receiving Emails for IQD

We have received a number of reports of clients NOT receiving our e-mails

What we have learned from our service provider is that IF emails go unread/unopened the systems STOPS sending to that email address. The reasoning behind this is so emails sent do not get filtered out automatically as SPAM by email servers blocking emails to ALL... 


IF you are not receiving emails from us YOU need to follow the link and re-start them, we cannot do this for you. 

RE START EMAILS from Indiana Quilt Depot

ur system puts out an automatic e-mail each Thursday with DIFFERENT information. One week, it is our best selling products for the previous month, the next up coming classes, then new products we have brought in. On occasion, we put out other information but we do not bombard you with daily emails. 

The other system that we are trying to implement is text notifications. These are short messages and you must enroll to receive. These are nice as this will be the primary means (along with Facebook live videos)  for us to announce flash sales and the like. if you are not enrolled, you may be missing out.