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Indiana Quilt Depot
& Machine Service LLC

NEW LOCATION - We Moved Again

(2018-7-05) If you've been by the Store the past few days you will find we are NOT THERE. No we have not closed operation, we had to move... Here are the reasons. 

One our lease was up 1 July. The Landlord wanted to raise our rent significantly. In negotiations, it was clear he was not going to make needed repairs to the building and was unwilling to give us for repairs we made.

The next day, the leak in the roof opened up on a client and we had two ballasts in the lights go out. As regulars to the shop know, I have spent a huge amount of time working on the lighting in that building since we moved in. These were the tipping point incidents. Combined with the fact that there were indications of other problems with the electrical system, the HV/AC was not operating properly increasing the utility bills significantly, and other structural issue which we felt were becoming safety issues to clients and staff.

If that was not enough, we were informed a bar was going in next door. Negotiating the parking lot and getting to the shop off the highway was enough of a challenge without contending with the additional traffic a bar would bring.

The lord was good and at the same time, we were offered the old Day Photography Studio, right down the road. This is the building that sets on the bank above the PRIMATIVE PORCH (Formally the Lighthouse Christian Bookstore). We signed a year lease with options to extend and buy….

This location and move provides many advantages:

o   While we are losing some space, it is a MUCH NICER BUILDING.

o   ACCESS off the HIGHWAY is much easier, safer. We also have direct access off the old Dixie Highway in the back.

o   Better/more parking (fewer pot holes!).

o   Much CALMER environment. Being back from and above the Highway there is much less road noise.

o   Much better lighting

o   Better display Area.

While we are not fully set-up at this point, we are operational. Come and see us.