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Indiana Quilt Depot
& Machine Service LLC

It has been a YEAR!!!!

It has been just a little over 13 months since The Bedford Sewing Center was bought out and became the INDIANA QUILT DEPOT & MACHINE SERVICE.... 

In that time, a LOT has happened... Not the least of which has been TWO (2) moves.... 

We now have tripled the number of machines in the store on display and for sale. We have machines for ALL ranges of experience and budgets... Our machines start at $175 and go up... Yes, you can get a machine for less money at the big box store... So WHY should you pay more for a machine from us:

- we have the machines set up so you can test sew it to see if you are comfortable with it BEFORE you take it home. 
- we give you familiarization lessons with every NEW machine we sell. 
- We service and maintain the machines we sell ON-SITE. We don't give you another machine, we make sure your machine is adjusted to suit you and the way you sew. 
- We maintain a FULL range of accessories and notions for YOUR machine, not generic but brand items. 
- We actually USE the machines ourselves... 

- We hold classes, lessons and unlike the clerks at the big box store, we have been trained on the machines by the Company to teach you in how to get the most from you machine. 

Check out the machines at the bottom of the page. We are featuring the NEW QUILT FRAME SYSTEM from Husqvarna-Viking. This is a compact long arm machine (it ONLY requires a 4' x 5' space but yet you can easily handle a full KING-SIZED quilt. The OTHER FEATURE of this SYSTEM is that it will use MANY of our existing machines. IF you already own one of our machines, it locks into the frame and you quilt. IF you need to sew, you unlock the machine and take it off the frame... This means a substantial savings in you don't HAVE to have an entirely different machine JUST of Quilting. 

Fabrics.... We have almost tripled the selection of Fabrics available to you... 

We have more than 60 different panels in wide range of subjects. 

We have an ever expanding line of novelty prints featuring Birds, trains, airplanes, horse, space , patriotic and the list goes on.. That doesn't include all the different blenders and solids we have. We try to bring in FIVE (5) to TEN (10) new PRINTS a month... 

We are carrying Top name fabrics such as Northcott, Quilt Treasures, RJR, Timeless Treasures, and more. We have fabrics priced to meet a wide range of needs at differing price points. We have fabrics starting at $2.50/yard and up. So, there is a good chance we can work within your budget for your project. 

We have also added Quilt Backings to our product line in the last year... We have a growing selection of !08-inch wide backing prints.

We have expanded or selection and on-hand inventory  of stabilizers.  We are looking at adding our OWN branded line of stabilizers in the new year.

We have greatly expanded or selection of threads, we now have Sulky Cotton Quilt Threads and and expanded line of verigated Blendables. We are looking at even more types, weights, and brands in the new year.

We have hosted TWO (2) of the Husqvarna-Viking educators in the last six months and held three multi-day Embroidery Software Events with a nationally know educator. We are developing our weekly classes for the coming year and will be publishing the same VERY soon. Some of the classes that are coming up is a Jelly Roll Rug and mystery quilt. We are going to be holding BASIC/BEGINNERS classes on the embroidery software after the first of the year.... IF you have an idea for a class, let us know, we'll see if we can work it in.

We have come a long way in just a year... YOUR support has been a great part of allowing to accomplish all of the above... And, we appreciate it!!!! Thank You.