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Indiana Quilt Depot
& Machine Service LLC

INTERNET SALES of Husqvarna-Viking Machines and branded products.

As a dealers, we have specific territories that we have exclusive rights and those area are protected. Honoring that agreement means that INTERNET any NON-IN-PERSON sales are prohibited.

Unfortunately, the manner our web-page provider has things set-up it gives the APPEARANCE of allowing sales of these items over the internet. ALL of the items in question have the "ADD TO CART" button deactivated and the following message appears in its place:

"This item is not available for purchase online.

Please call (812) 275-7400 for more information."

Additionally, I have tried to include the additional statement of:

"Per licensing agreements with SVP, Machines CANNOT be SOLD over the Internet, They must be, "In Person" sales."

in the description of said items.

We are working with council to develop a statement that might make it even clearer that sales WILL NOT be made over the internet in violation of dealer agreements. [If such statement is missing on any item that is an oversight and will be corrected as quickly as discovered].

We are also working with our web-page provider to change the way the program presents the information so it might not be misleading.

To my fellow dealers out there, I apologize for any distress this has apparently caused. 
I can assure you that we have NEVER sold a machine over the internet in violation of the dealer agreement and have in fact referred a number of calls and inquires to closest dealers to said individuals. 
I have also offered my sales records to inspection of my region sales manager and anyone UP the H-V hierarchy for inspection to confirm this statement. We have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to HIDE.

IF You have questions about the above. You can contact me directly.

Gordon Bell