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Indiana Quilt Depot
& Machine Service LLC


It was one year ago today that we moved to our current location, and it has been a pretty good year!! 

We have continued to expand our selection of merchandise from increased numbers of machines to new lines of fabrics. We are now carrying Quilt Treasures, Northcott, Riley Blake, RJR and a number of other QUILT SHOP exclusive lines. 

In the next couple of months, you will see us introducing a number of NEW PRODUCTS in the form of Pre-Cuts and Kits. 


Our Classes have not been doing as well as we would like. Please tell us what we need to do to increase attendance? What classes do YOU want? WHEN do we need to hold classes? YOU tell us what we need to do to accommodate your needs and desires. IF attendance does not pick up soon, we are going to consider halting classes... 


The on going construction on S.R. 37 has certainly slowed business. We ARE OPEN. We had to install barrels/ a barracade to SLOW through traffic in the driveway between the buildings. YOU CAN get through to our parking lot, you just have to weave around the barrels. We are sorry for the inconvenance but it is a matter of safety.