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Indiana Quilt Depot
& Machine Service LLC

The Perfect Solution for Quilters and Sewers. The board is shaped to make fabric handling easier, and includes an innovative built-in tray for storage of items like cutting mats, scissors, tape measures, and more. Durable build quality and premium non-stick cover.

- Large Rectangular Shape ( 60" x 20") to meet the needs of Quilters and Crafters. This is the "Competition Leading, stable pressing area" board in the market today... Supports the size and weight of a large quilt BETTER than your traditional ironing board. LARGE PROJECTS are handled with ease.

- Permanent Printed Grid which allows quick & easy alignment and measurements of your project.

- Large, Built-in tray/drawer for convenient storage of mats, cutters, templates, scissors, etc.

- Durable, Quality, Premium Non-Stick Cover.

- Large tray on the side to hold items while working.

- Adjustable Height, (& different levels from 30" up to 38" high. You can set or stand.

- Folds flat for easy storage when not in use...

IF you have additional questions. please e-mail or call with specifics and we will get and answer for you. 


Here is the Video of this item in use...