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With the HUSQVARNA® VIKING® Felting Embroidery Set, you
can create the most amazing felted embroideries. The effect is
created when embroidering without threads but with a special
needle that felts fibers together. The effect of the embellishment
can be changed dramatically by using different types of fabric/wool.
A. Felting Foot
B. Felting Bobbin
C. Felting Needle Plate Cover
D. Felting Needles (x5)
E. Screw
Just about any fabric can be felted with the Felting Embroidery Set, however, some fabrics
tend to give a more favorable result when embellished or laundered.
The recommended fabrics are those that are made from natural fibers, such as wool and
wool roving. The best characteristic for fabrics is a napped or textured surface.
A napped surface will adhere to a natural fiber/napped surface/or mixed fiber base.
Avoid synthetics with “wash and wear” type of weaves and finishes that have a smooth
The effect differs from fabric to fabric. Always test on a piece of material before you start.
When embroidering with the felting needles, no threads are used. The fabric is hooped with
the right side facing down.
When embroidering free-standing designs or when using wool roving, a water soluble
stabilizer is needed.
Three designs are available for download from ””. Each design
represents a felting technique, Free Standing, One-Layer and Multi-layer embroidery.
These techniques are shown below.
To download the designs, go to
Find the Felting Embroidery Set. Click on the link to download the designs.
1. Free Standing Embroidery
2. One-Layer Embroidery
3. Multi-Layer Embroidery
2. One-Layer Embroidery
3. Mulit-Layer Embroidery

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